Lockdown Stories invites you to visit virtually Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, and hear first-hand from community groups and local tour guides. Lockdown Stories emerged as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has impacted communities all around the world and has brought unprecedented challenges. In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, this included: the loss of income and visibility from tourism on which community tourism and heritage projects depend.

Please join us tonight for a very interesting tour of three of Rio’s favelas, conducted by residents presenting their communities and the projects they pursue. The tour features Antônio Firmino, Marcia Souza and Cosme Felippsen from three favelas in Rio de Janeiro – Rocinha, Cantagalo and Providência. Firmino is a resident and a community leader in Rocinha where he also directs the Sankofa Museum – the community museum of Rocinha. Marcia is a resident and director of another community museum – the Museum of Favela based on Pavão, Pavãozinho and Cantagalo. And Cosme is a resident, activist and professional guide who created the “Rolé dos Favelados”, a favela tour lead by residents.

Welcome to join this unique opportunity to learn not only about politics and struggles that favelados face in their daily lives, but also about the vivid culture, creativity and grassroot power that keep many of us going in challenging times, wherever we are on the Planet.

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