Natural outdoor diversity of Albania!

Elite Travel Group is a tourism and hospitality business, with experience of over 20 years. Our intention is to create a country and a region without borders, green & connected in a smart way. Our CSR is Education, the social aspect of sustainability,  we contribute and invest a lot in social projects that are related to Youth, lifelong learning, digitization, and are supporting NGO`s and one of them is Spoonbillnest center.

Our future looks bright, by supporting the Youth of today, but also the Youth of tomorrow, by integrating the generations into the social discussion & labor market by up & re-skilling them, and by acting with clear plans tangible for the public, we are sure that Albania 2030 will be green and a place where nature has full power and in the function of people and comunitties. 

Our daily task is, to make today better than yesterday, and to convince the locals that the best investment to a bright and secured future is to invest for the social and public wealth, it is the most secured investment. 

Tourism is all about Youth, people, and education! A skilled society for sustainable tourism is Key and it has to be implemented in all society generations.!

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