Moderation: Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal

Key note: Carlos Romero Dexeus, Director of Tourism Research, Development and Innovation, at the Spanish Tourism Innovation Agency (SEGITTUR)

This Session focusses on the discussion of the ways in which tourism destinations can face transformations given the challenges of contemporary societies in a context of increasing uncertainty. The aim is to understand how the Smart Destination approach, making use of innovation and technology networks, could provide an effective digital policy framework to promote prosperity and sustainability at local level.

The new realities bring tourism management and governance into a new domain beyond traditional measures based on the attraction of visitors, promotion of products and experiences.  The Smart Destination provides a new management model that leads this change and embraces new competences and capabilities beyond the traditional boundaries of marketing and promotion.

Panels will provide the opportunity to discuss on the new strategies for managing tourism in smart destinations, the ready-to-implement solutions to drive impacts in tourism, the new information and technological tools to improve performance, and the trends toward an enhance destination experience.

The Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism, through SEGITTUR, leads the Smart Destinations project with the aim to implement a new model to improve tourism competitiveness and development based on governance, technology and tourism co-responsibility.

The State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies, (SEGITTUR), linked to the Secretary of State for Tourism, is responsible for promoting R+D and the innovation framework program in the tourism sector.

Smart Destination Cases:

  • Santander: Edurne Vidal, CEO Palacio de la Magdalena
  • Benidorm: Leire Bilbao, CEO Visit Benidorm
  • Tequila: Federico de Arteaga, CEO Grupo JB.

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Moderation: Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal