Moderators: Eva Martín-Fuentes, Berta Ferrer-Rosell, Estela Marine-Roig

Yuwan Wang, Lin Li and Sung-Byung YangExploring the Impact of Heuristic Attributes of Electronic Word of Mouth on Accommodation Sharing Platforms(SP)
Ekaterina ChevtaevaCoworking & coliving: do they attract digital nomad tourist?(SP)
Huiying Zhang, Xi Leung and Billy BaiA Conceptual Framework of Destination Sustainability Built on Sharing Economy(SP)
Cirenzhuoga None, Juyeon Ham and Namho ChungThe Role of Perceived Technology and Consumers’ Personality Traits for Trust Transfer in Airbnb(SP)

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Moderators: Berta Ferrer-Rosel, Eva Martin-Fuentes, Estela Marine-Roig