Lockdown Stories – Virtual Tourism in Rio’s Favelas

Lockdown Stories invites you to visit virtually Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, and hear first-hand from community groups and local tour guides.

Lockdown Stories emerged as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has impacted communities all around the world and has brought unprecedented challenges.

In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, this included: the loss of income and visibility from tourism on which community tourism and heritage projects depend. In that context, Lockdown Stories investigated how community tourism providers responded, and what support they needed to transform and renew their tourism promotion.

In these times of isolation, Lockdown Stories creates new digital connections between communities across the world by sharing ‘Lockdown Stories’ through online virtual tours.

Lockdown Stories has produced a virtual tourism platform, featuring community groups involved in tourism provision six favelas in Rio de Janeiro: Cantagalo, Chapéu Mangueira, Babilônia, Providência, Rocinha and Santa Marta.

Please visit lockdownstories.travel where you can find out more about the project, meet the groups and guides, and arrange tours. You can follow us in social media:

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This research project results from a collaboration between the University of Leicester (UK), the University of Rio de Janeiro and Bournemouth University (UK)

This project is funded through the University of Leicester QR Global Challenges Research Fund (Research England)