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Change – Future – Matters

19-22 January 2021

Become a Supporter of ENTER21@yourplace

Change – Future – Matters

19-22 January 2021


For years, the ENTER e-Tourism Conference, the flagship annual event of the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT), focuses on the understanding and the development of information technology to maximize its positive impacts on society, environment, and economy in travel and tourism.

With the theme “eTourism: Development Opportunities and Challenges in an Unpredictable World”, the 28th ENTER will combine its best practices with a range of innovations to support the development of new ideas and new solutions.

Partnerships are key to the success of the conference. Through the resources you provide, our Supporters are contributing to ENTER by inspiring the community with their best practices and help us learn from each other. By providing vital resources for ENTER21, your partnership is a testimony to the value found across the conference program.


ENTER21 Partnership benefits include:

  • Recognition across the event and our publications before, during and after the conference
  • New audiences for your products
  • Stronger reputation and higher brand visibility in the global IFITT community
  • Inspiration for your clients and teams
  • Attention of potential future employees

ENTER21 Partnership opportunities include financial sponsorship at three levels.

Furthermore, we´d love to hear from you if you are willing to support with

  • Scholarships, internships or mentoring for students
  • In-kind donations (equipment)
  • Media work with ENTER21

ENTER21 Supporters come from the travel and tourism industry in all shapes and sizes.

These organizations are already working with us:

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