ENTER21 eConference

19-22 January 2021


ENTER21 eConference

19-22 January 2021


Unfortunately not.

If you buy a group ticket, you will receive one invoice.

If you need three invoices, you have to buy three three tickets seperately.

Total Price: means the price which includes all fees and tax.
Net: is the price without taxes
Tax: is in European Countries mostly the “value added tax” (VAT)

If you are running a business in Europe you are normally allowed to reckon up the VAT. Therefor we are asking for the VAT number.

European companies have a VAT number. If you add this number into the buying process – you will not pay a VAT.

Value Added Tax.

If you are a company and you do business in Europe, then you can get VAT refunded via the buyer VAT number.

If you are a private person, then you have to pay the tax in the ticket process.

After booking your ticket you receive an eMail with your confirmation and invoice.

You will receive your personalized link to participate in the online conference by email shortly before the conference.

After your booking, you receive an eMail with the confirmation of the purchase and the IFITT office gets informed.

This process could take some days.

Then you receive another eMail from the IFITT office about your membership.

Yes, if we have received the permission, the Keynotes will be recorded and made available.