Quick Reference to ENTER21
Venue Technology – FAQ

Updated 18 January 2021

Dear Attendee,

On behalf of IFITT and ENTER21@yourplace organisation team, we are looking forward to an incredibly rich and pleasant event with you. Please find here below advice for the whole virtual conference “building”, which includes a “Main Hall” and “Rooms” that we will meet in – all inside the same venue software framework “Venueless”. No separate apps to worry about!

  • Please pay attention to the chat #Important Announcements – handled by the organisation team and moderators.
  • Should you have any further inquiries before the event, please don´t hesitate to contact us by mail to: enter21@ifitt.org.
  • In case of technical issues once you are inside the event, please let us know using the chat  #Technical Support. 


  1. Which browser to use?
    For the best conference experience, we recommend Chrome.
  2. If you use Chrome, please apply the following privacy settings:

    Explanation for the error message – “Uncaught Security Error” https://www.chromium.org/for-testers/bug-reporting-guidelines/uncaught-securityerror-failed-to-read-the-localstorage-property-from-window-access-is-denied-for-this-document

  3. Close all other applications (e.g., Skype, Zoom, etc.) to avoid conflicts of access to your computer resources
  4. Be on time in the right place: Best is to join 10-15 minutes before a session starts
  5. It’s recommended to join with a PC / laptop with camera & microphone and a headset, for the full functionality and best experience
  6. If you are not speaking, please keep your microphone muted, for the best experience and understanding for everyone
  7. We work GDPR conform: No personal data is saved, also no data about the usage
  8. Will there be recordings of the presentations? Yes. The recorded presentations can be watched after the conference – we will inform on the website.
  9. If you want to connect to other attendees, you are invited to do so via the Attendees-List or the Function Direct Messages.

STAGE “MAIN HALL” software: Streamyard.com

  1. For attendees who are not presenters: Communication via public chat only.
  2. Please have a look at the mianhall in the breaks – we offer our own playlist via spotify and selected quotes in all different languages of the IFITT Board members.

CHANNEL ROOMS “AIR” – “WATER” – “EARTH” – (additional: “SPACE”) software: BigBlueButton.org

  1. Here we work with another streaming software; you can use the chat or direct messaging only to be interactive with other listeners or the presenters. The moderator has more options than other participants: To get to speak, please use the “hand raising” function and the moderator will unmute you.
  2. I´m a presenter / moderator here. How to manage the session, incl. Q &A?
    You can choose:
    a) Pre-record your presentation in the maximum length and answer questions in the chat during the presentation (this method might increase interaction).
    b) For the case of a live presentation: We recommend the moderator to extract the chat, share it via Direct Message with the presenter, who can invite the audience to continue conversation /
    Q & A in the “Network-Hang-Out”. The speaker to be clear in which “Area” there he/she will continue in. The Direct Message chats appear on the left side, in the bottom.
    c) As a moderator: pay attention to the chat, (evtl. select) and share questions posed – staying within the maximum time of the session.
  3. How can a moderator signal to the speaker “2 minutes left” – if it seems necessary?
    Most efficiently, only by interrupting shortly and saying so politely.
  4. Furthermore, the moderator will make sure that everyone else but the speaker are muted during the session.
  5. Is it possible to have more than one moderator? Yes it is, but we recommend not to – in order to be clear with “who does what”. I.e. only “host” of a room and a session moderator.

NETWORK-HANG-OUT software: wonder.me

  1. This is your space to meet and communicate informally with more people at once: everyone can see who is speaking to whom. Moving your photo avatar around with your mouse you can join a conversation, when you move closer and join a “bubble”. To leave it, just move away.
  2. To join this Hang-Out with full functionality, we recommend using a laptop with microphone and camera. You can enter using a mobile phone as well, but then all functions are not available.
  3. This is an experiential (and fun!) area –  even though our testing has shown no trouble at all, capacity limits may occur now and then.
  4. How many people can join one group “bubble”? 10 is the recommended maximum.
  5. To help you meet like-minded people, we have created 3 pre-titled areas “Change”, “Future” and “Matters”– they will stay open for the whole conference. On top, you can always keep meeting in spontaneous groups, for the after-work hang-out like at any conference.
  6. What if the maximum number is exceeded?
    After the daily program, the 4 channel rooms “Air” – “Water” – “Earth” and “Space” are free to use for meetups as well. You can invite people to one of the rooms and take over the moderation. These  rooms stay available for such individual use until the next morning 09:00 am CET.
  7. Can I contact an attendee directly via private chat?
    Yes, on the Attendee list on the left side or via the Private Chat in the 4 channel rooms you can approach anyone directly. In the Main Hall it is not possible.
  8. When you move between the Main Hall, the Channels and the Network-Hang-Out, you need to “check out” from the previous space. It’s easy! There is an X on the top right side, click that and, done. (If you don’t do this, you will be “half-half” in two places and will hear two sources – not good for concentration or participation.)
  9. Please pay a visit and show some love to our Supporters – this event wouldn’t be possible without their contributions to content & organisation.
  10. Last not least, the Social Wall displays Twitter, YouTube and Facebook content. Please share your own impressions & reshare what you like – our event hashtags are #ENTER21 #IFITT and #ChangeFutureMatters – thank you! (LinkedIn postings are very welcome too, but they are not displayed here.)