Dr. Uglješa Stankov

Professor, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management,  Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad


Managing digital wellbeing in the tourism industry 

The term “digital well-being” was popularized in response to rising public concern about technostress and the negative effects of excessive ICT use on individual mental and physical health, as well as society and the environment. In the tourism industry, no attempt has been made to create an all-encompassing framework for understanding digital well-being and the new roles and responsibilities that result from it.  Therefore, a major emphasis in my talk will be on digital well-being as a whole, with particular reference to the tourism industry. There is a need to establish a digital well-being continuum between daily life and tourism, based on common digital well-being approaches. The importance of adopting a digital well-being philosophy in tourism, establishing new policies, and designing novel services and experiences will be discussed in particular.  

Dr. Uglješa Stankov is a Full Professor at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management,  Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. His main research areas are the strategic role of information technology in designing services and co-creating experiences.

Due to the growing negative impact that inadequate use of information technology has on the digital well-being of consumers, the focus of his recent research is on the “calm” design of interactive systems in service and leisure industries, as well as on technology-assisted mindfulness. Uglješa collaborates frequently with scholars and professional groups from around the world and is now involved in several international projects. He has over 150 scientific publications and four books to his credit. He has recently joined the team of the European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2022 as the main internal evaluator.