Steve Hood

Senior Vice President of Research, STR


Global Hotel Industry Update, recovery in progress:  An overview of current lodging and tourism industry trends.

A special drill-down into recovery scenarios around the world.  A comprehensive review of “bright spots in the storm”, hotel segments and destinations that have outperformed in 2020 and 2021.  A discussion of post-COVID research and classroom opportunities.

Steve is Senior Vice President of Research for STR.

He has been with STR for 26 years and is the Founding Director of the SHARE Center, STR’s program to support hospitality and tourism education with over 1,000 schools involved from 80 different countries.

The STR SHARE Center provides hotel data for research and for use in the classroom as well as related resources including student certifications, training programs, and student competitions.  Steve serves on advisory boards and guest lectures for leading international hotel, tourism and real estate schools and has received several awards for his commitment to hospitality education.