QIU Zhong

CIO of Spring Corporation


Cooperation & Sharing: How Travel Agencies Collaborate for Warmth under COVID-19

The COVID-19 has lasted for about one year. Under the requirements of “stop organizing group travelling and close scenery spots for epidemic prevention”, all tourism related enterprises have suffered heavy losses and the tourism industry encountered in “the darkest hour”. How can travel agencies share resources and channels to maintain their customers? From the perspective of technology, we are seeking a new way of sharing and collaboration.

Mr. QIU Zhong has engaged in enterprise informatization construction for almost 20 years since joining Spring Corporation in the year of 2003. He also has 15-year experience in aviation and tourism informatization, being familiar with the structure and designing of IT technology as well as software development and management process in aviation and tourism fields. Since 2005, he has been responsible for the independent research and development of Spring Airlines PSS (Passenger Service System), including reservation system, distribution system, settlement system, order system, departure system, auxiliary product system, membership system, flight management subsystems, and etc. Meanwhile, he is also in charge of the establishment of Spring Airlines e-commerce system, especially the development of Spring Airlines e-commerce website in the year 2005. In 2010 he initialed the mobilization of e-commerce research and development for Spring Airlines. As for the operation, Mr. QIU Zhong is responsible for the research and development of Spring Airlines Operating System, within domestic leading MRO management system for maintenance engineering, strong crew qualification management, FCS system with crew scheduling, building a new generation of AOC — Air Operation System, establish a comprehensive ground service management information system. Using mobilization technology as the impetus, heconnectsall functional operation departments of airlines in operation by coordination, which optimizes the efficiency in business. Spring Airlines IT Research Institute was founded in the year 2014 with all his efforts, which is responsible for the big data research as well as the analysis based on the QAR, playing supportive roles for flight safety, technology, and fuel-saving, even the engine usage extension fields. Mr. QIU Zhong took up the position of CIO in Spring Corporation starting from 2017, planning the overall information technology of the corporation, he is also the General Manager of Spring Tour.COM at the same time, to be in charge of the tourism e-commerce and promotion.