Sangwon Park

Professor, Kyung Hee University


 Big Data in Smart Tourism: Application to Travel Mobility

Description: The advancement of technology (e.g., mobile phones and social media websites) enables destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to access “big data” and obtain intelligent information about travel behaviors. A smart city and/or smart destination built on big data analytics enables DMOs to comprehensively understand travel movement patterns and manage the efficiency of their resources, such as transportation services and crowd management in cities. Travel flow helps planners understand tourism as a function in space and refine elaborate tourism production and performance. This speech provides how to discover technology-oriented insights from big data analytics and create a foundation for developing smart destination design

Professor Sangwon Park is a Professor at the College of Hotel and Tourism Management at Kyung Hee University and Visiting Professor at the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Professor Park has taught at the University of Surrey in the UK and has served as Deputy Head of Hospitality Management. Professor Park has been awarded a PhD Degree from Temple University, USA (Business Administration) and received a Master’s Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management with a Statistics minor from the University of Missouri – Columbia, USA. His primary research interests include information technology in tourism and hospitality, tourism big data/AI, and digital marketing. He has published a number of journal papers in the fields of tourism, urban planning and big data.

Professor Park has received numerous best journal and conference paper awards. Indeed, he is a recipient of ‘Emerging Scholar of Distinction’ from the International Academy of the Study of Tourism and selected as ‘PhD Alumni Outstanding Early Career’ from Fox School of Business at Temple University