Oscar Haven

Senior Customer Success Manager, iMotions A/S


Biometric Technologies in Tourism

Are you interested in getting deeper knowledge into how people decide what is relevant when searching for a new holiday, or roaming around at an event site? iMotions Online Data Collection tool and Mobile Platform give researchers the opportunity to gain insights into how people react on attentional and emotional levels to the things they see, do and experience. Join the presentation to learn how you can apply these remote data collection tools to your current research. 


Oscar Haven is a Senior Customer Success Manager working at iMotions A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark. His role is to help researchers globally to integrate biosensors into their existing and upcoming projects to clients across the world, and to interpret the data to help develop further research avenues or actionable next steps. Having studied experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience at Lunds Universitet before deciding on an industry role at iMotions, he works with clients across multiple industries; from tourism to R&D, academia and beyond. Since moving to Scandinavia he’s gained an affinity for long distance running and year-round wild swimming.