Oliver Puhe



Which Future Moves Us?

The current situation shows that almost all countries are affected by the crisis, including in particular emerging and developing countries. The loss of tourism leads to job losses, increased poverty and dangerous crises in society, politics and economy. There is an urgent need for a new positive narrative of the travel. Because small changes are not enough out. Rather, what is needed is a new concept of the travel. This involves adaptation strategies for pandemic prevention and digital transformation, and at the same time to develop avoidance strategies with regard to climate change, which the industry has to face today.

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Oliver Puhe studied International Tourism Management at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Subsequently, in 2010, he established practice-oriented micro-trend research in the tourism and travel industry in a global trend agency.

Oliver Puhe has been working as a freelance innovation coach in tourism for 10 years now. He is and was a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and other European educational institutions. Companies, associations and destinations use his experience to process social and cultural developments on site. The aim of his work is to create organisations that use their own creative potential to implement marketable innovations.