Dina Carabas

Chairperson, Open Reviews Association


Building an Open Data Ecosystem for Reviews

Online Reviews have become essential for tourism, having significant impact on tourists’ decision making as well as on the discoverability, reputation, and overall success of tourism businesses.

This growing importance makes it problematic that reviews are being kept within fragmented and proprietary data silos of a few dominant platforms: the lack of free access to the data creates increasing dependencies and inefficiencies.

The Open Reviews Association was formed to create a better alternative: we developed open source technology that enables any website or app to join an Open Data Ecosystem for reviews, allowing us all to reap their full potential.

You can see PPT slide here.

Interested in how we can use technology for a more inclusive society and economy, Dina works on bringing more open data to the world, and on developing tools that help us make better use of the vast amounts of human knowledge.

She is a founder and Chairperson of the Open Reviews Association, a non-profit organisation dedicated to turning a fundamental form of human collaboration – Online Reviews – into open data. Shifting this valuable data from proprietary silos into an Open Data Ecosystem will allow everyone to share their insights and experiences freely, and to use this data to improve decision-making and allocation of resources.

She is co-founder and Co-CEO of PlantingSpace, a technology company which develops a framework for more general AI, building on category theory and probabilistic modeling.

Dina held COO roles in the technology companies Parity Technologies and the Web3 Foundation, working on decentralized technologies of the “Web 3.0”.

Before joining the tech startup world, Dina was a Senior Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, and an MBA from INSEAD.