Diego Acuna

Country Manager – UK, The Data Appeal Company


Data has a better idea: From targeted marketing, enhanced visitor experiences and improving your sustainability goals

We will discuss how The Data Appeal Company enables the actionability of data from over 100 sources, providing the most powerful combination of Location, Sentiment and Market Intelligence data for any point of interest, brand or territory worldwide. 

We analyse a unique combination of geolocation data, online feedback, visitor behaviours and industry trends to help tourism organisations deeply understand their visitors, competitors and territory with a data-driven approach. Data Appeal has currently mapped over 70 million Points of Interest and analyzes 5 million pieces of online content hourly from over 100 different online sources across the globe. Our data and proprietary KPIs are delivered through a state-of-art visualisation platform – Data Appeal Studio.  


Diego empowers destination marketing organisations (DMOs) and other businesses better understand consumer perception, sentiment, intent and behaviour, in real time. By leveraging actionable data-driven insights and metrics, Diego helps his clientsplan, execute, adjust, redeploy and/or measure their activities in a very targeted manner. With over 17 years experience in the travel industry, both in the UK and abroad, Diego has led several businesses across data analytics, sales and marketing.