Anna Kofoed

Senior Vice President, Retail for Northern, Eastern, Central & Southern Europe – Amadeus


From Human Touch to Human Tech:
The Challenge of Frictionless Travel beyond COVID-19

The profound impact of COVID-19 holds not least an opportunity: changes such as the digital transformation experience an acceleration and will be the foundation for frictionless travel, which is now being redefined – from amenity to necessity. Safe travel processes, data sharing within platform ecosystems, sustainable solutions, and technology that enhances human interaction are aspects of an evolution we are called to now, as an industry.

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Anna works whole‐heartedly together with a team of skilled and enthusiastic travel tech experts to drive success for retail travel agency customers in her region. Anna is committed to rethinking our industry to build a pathway towards travel that inspires traveler trust and restores demand. She strongly believes that the resilience and inventiveness of the travel industry will be accelerated. Anna is Danish, holds an International MBA from Copenhagen Business School and joined Amadeus in 2001. She has held various management roles across functions and disciplines from Marketing to Strategy, Business Planning, Commercial and most recently she was Head of Travel Content Sourcing.