Anja Luthje

Founder & CEO, Unique Hospitality Solutions


Hospitality Service & Next Gen Technology

Will Technology in Hospitality make guest interactions obsolete?  Questions and answers to this topic often are not effective as they make one compete against the other; the better way to look at this topic is to address how our real challenges such as; global staff shortages, rising payroll costs and an dis-engaging workforce, can be addressed by our industry and how to demand better integrated technology solutions such as cloud, AI, mobility, robots, SSI/DDID etc. for our business strategies. 

Our industry is in a unique position of re-invention, outstanding service delivery will always be at the forefront of hospitality, especially luxury and leisure travel, however with our current industry “landscape” there are real challenges to overcome and how service is delivered will evolve.  Challenges present opportunities to make our industry more efficient, lean and profitable and deliver outstanding and emotional intelligent service, service from the heart. 

We will discuss how to plan guest journeys and how workflows can be automated through next gen technology and better data analysis.  The discussion will not provide a one fit all solution, rather provoke the hospitality community to think forward by demanding better technology solutions. 

Founder & CEO – Unique Hospitality Solutions

Anja Luthje is the Founder of Unique Hospitality Solutions, a hospitality consultancy company which improves business performance for hospitality owners, operators and vendors.

Ms Luthje has over thirty years of international experience in the hospitality industry around the world.  Prior to creating Unique Hospitality Solutions she held senior management positions with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Peninsula Hotel Group and Inter-Continental Hotels Group and worked in London, New York, Dubai, Connecticut, Hong Kong and San Francisco.  She holds a Diploma of Business in Frontline Management and a post-graduate certification in Assessment and Workplace Training from the Australian Training College of Melbourne.

Ms Luthje’s main areas of expertise are Quality and Service, Operational Technology, Pre-opening and improving business performance.  Ms Luthje is based in San Francisco, California with a global reach.