Here is our playlist for you to jump into the ENTER21@yourplace mood

Have you ever thought about what the sound of travel could be? What could be the sound of travel technology or what could be the sound of our #future? We asked ourselves how could ENTER21 sound like?

Here’s our very own playlist to get you in the right mood, recharge your batteries or open your horizon to new ideas. We aimed for an unobtrusive but forward thinking vibe, giving new perspectives, opening minds and encouraging uprising ideas while creating a positive mood without being too pushy.

Unique enough to set a mood for the entire event or to be listened without the conference, giving the event not just a decent background music but a memorable experience, connected to emotions. A change or jump from a „natural“ or organic feel into the future – technological impact meeting world sounds, futuristic moods and open horizons, enabling minds to get into a flow.

PS: Pay attention to the last three songs. A little wink from us. #change #future #matters – feel free to share it on SocialMedia with the #ifitt #enter21 and #change #future #matters See you soon!