Destination ENTER24

Izmir, Türkiye

Destination ENTER24

Izmir, Türkiye

Experience Turkish Hospitality!

Why ENTER24 is in İzmir?

  • IFITT has become a truly international federation represented by all continents

  • IFITT Türkiye Chapter is among the largest and most active IFITT communities

  • İzmir is the largest trade, congress, and culture destination of Türkiye.

  • One airports provide easy access from all large airport hubs of the world

  • The conference will be hosted at a convenient and high-quality venue, Hyatt Regency Izmir Istinyepark

  • İzmir is a wonderful tourism destination with a different charm in every season

  • Even in January, when the congress will be held, İzmir has a mild climate suitable for many activities.

About İzmir

İzmir is the third largest city of Türkiye. The city, which has been used as a congress center since the establishment of the Republic, is an attractive tourism center that welcomes tourists from many countries due to its warm climate and seaside location. Famous for its modern and tolerant people, İzmir is a commercial center as it is a port city. The city, which has hosted people from many religions and nationalities since ancient times, has a cosmopolitan structure.

Today, the city continues to preserve this multiculturalism.

You can find detailed information about İzmir on the website

ENTER24 Venue

ENTER24 will be held at Hyatt Regency İzmir İstinyepark

Hyatt Regency İzmir İstinyepark is a hotel with a world-known brand, indicating a high standard of quality.

Hyatt Regency İzmir İstinyepark offers spacious event space with modern halls and multiple meeting rooms. It is centrally located within close proximity to public transport to/from the airport, restaurants, bars and other hotels.

Hyatt Regency İzmir İstinyepark will greet you with the international standard of modern infrastructure, good sustainability practices, local art exhibition, and, of course, comfortable rooms.

Venue Address: Bahçelerarası, Sehit Binbasi, 35330 Balçova/İzmir

Early bird
Valid until Nov 15th 2023 (midnight CET)
Valid After Nov 15th, 2023 (midnight CET)
Single Room €198 €225
Double Room €220 €250

İzmir transportation details can be found HERE