Charlotte and Christoph in Discussion about the Effects of Covid 19 on the Business Travel Sector

COVID has had a devastating effect on the business travel sector. Christoph Carnier gives a short insight into the situation of the German Business Travel  sector. Christoph feels  positive about the future because the industry has learned from past crises and the travel sector has bounced back every time.  What’s important to appreciate is the COVID shows us to cope with  permanent changes.

He insists there is a persistent need for people to travel, to explore, to build partnerships and to do business. From a business travel perspective there will always be a need to meet in person. Meeting your clients in person builds trust and relationships. How we implement business  travel in the future will most likely be  more considerate as COVID has taught us we can conduct certain aspects of business without travelling AND we have become crucially more aware of the environmental impact excessive travel will have on the planet.