General Announcements

An Interview with the Global Ecotourism Network & Locals From Zero

2021-03-17T20:37:26+01:00Categories: General Announcements|

An important new feature of the #ENTER21 conference was the “Innovation Challenge” - in this pilot year 13 teams competed with their best ideas on the topic of ICT for Sustainability and eQuality. The Global Ecotourism Network was happy and honoured to join as one of the mentoring partner organizations, helping the team of Locals From Zero, Slovenia, to fine-tune their approach.

ENTER and IFITT: A Critical Reflection

2021-01-18T14:49:30+01:00Categories: General Announcements|

Prof. Andy Frew, a former President of IFITT, graciously wrote this essay to reflect on his experience with the ENTER e-Tourism Conference since its early days as well as his role as the President. He offers many valuable insights on ENTER/IFITT as a community throughout its development and how we can move forward.

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