ENTER23 e-Tourism Conference


January 18- 20, 2023
Johannesburg, South Africa

ENTER23 e-Tourism Conference

January 18- 20, 2023


South Africa

What is ENTER e-Tourism Conference?

ENTER is the annual conference, organised by the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT). 

IFITT is the leading independent global community. It was created for discussing, exchanging, and developing knowledge about the use and impact of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the travel and tourism industry and experience. Currently, the IFITT has more than 10 000 followers from Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa and Australia.

For 29 years, ENTER e-Tourism conference brings together the Tourism and IT industry, academia, government, and other organisations. ENTER offers a worldwide and unique forum to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research and industrial case studies on the application of ICTs in travel and tourism. Everyone who shares knowledge, experience, and a true passion for ICT in travel and tourism, is warmly welcome!

When and Where?

ENTER23 will be held from 18 to 20 January 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa*. It will become the 30th conference of the IFITT Community. ENTER23 e-Tourism conference will also celebrate the return to a face-to-face format after 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the return to the African continent after 18 years gap. You are cordially invited to celebrate the success of the conference and the global reach of the IFITT community.

*In case international travel is heavily restricted, the conference can be switched to hybrid or fully online mode.

What is in the Agenda of ENTER23?

ENTER23 conference is designed to generate engagement and impact of your research as we work together towards the IFITT mission of sharing knowledge, experience, and passion for ICT in travel and tourism.

Open Access ENTER22 Proceedings

The details of the ENTER22 cutting-edge research is now available at the Proceedings of the ENTER 2022 eTourism Conference: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2022.

Download the Proceedings at Springer publisher

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Organised by IFITT & Seeza Network.

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ENTER as a conference singlehandedly developed the global eTourism community and provided the birthplace for many innovations that have transformed the international tourism world. IFITT engages the community and supports a range of events, activities, scholarships and plays a leading role in global engagement to address key challenges in the tourism and technology sphere.
The ENTER conference provides an outstanding venue for researchers, students and industry representatives to come together and share and discuss the latest research in eTourism. This year, all accepted full and short papers will be published in digital conference proceedings by Springer with Open Access, for added visibility and impact.
IFITT and ENTER have been, and are, an incredible environment for the evolution of the whole eTourism field and for my personal development as a scholar. Besides that, it is a wonderful community in which discussions, collaborations, chats and friendships develop almost spontaneously and with great value for all those who are involved
Prof. Rodolfo Baggio, Bocconi University Milan / IT

I was first introduced to the IFITT community as a PhD student attending the ENTER Conference in 2013 and I felt like I belonged immediately.  IFITT, through the ENTER Conference and other initiatives such as the eTourism Master class, creates a unique platform for engaging with a network of academics and professionals in order to discuss cutting-edge topics related to IT and Tourism & Technology. We learn from each other, challenge each other, and together take responsibility for shaping the future of IT and Tourism and wider impacts on society.  I remain an active member of IFITT in order to support IFITT in its Mission and because my involvement in this community continues to lead me to new ideas, new opportunities, and new friendships.

Assistant Prof. Jason Stienmetz, Modul University Vienna / AT
IFITT is the reference community for people interested in eTourism, both from the academia as well as from the industry at large. ENTER eTourism Conference has become a milestone that records changes and trends within the field, and a compass to navigate such a complex and very fast moving filed.

I have attended every single ENTER conference since 1999, and every year I wish I had a clone because there are way too many interesting sessions happening at the same time and too many people I would like to discuss e-Tourism with. I also really enjoy the diversity of the ENTER community.

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